Thursday, April 1, 2010

Single Track...finally!

Well, it's that time of year, the spring thaw is gone, the trails are dialed and I was ready to ride some singletrack. I grabbed the Stumpy this morning, threw on top of the Jeep and went straight to PLRA after work.
My buddy Richard called at the last minute and met me out there. We got there about the same time and took off. The trail was actually pretty dry. It's been a while since I've rode out there and with a rigid fork, it reminded me why I don't go out there to often, it was a rough ride! What made it worse is my sprang hand, which is painful on the bumpy downhills while braking, and as we all know, the first 3 miles at PLRA is all that. So I backed off a little and had a good easy ride. I forgot to turn on the Garmin, so no vital stats to give, but PLRA is in good shape and ready to rock!