Saturday, October 23, 2010

12 Hours of Addison Oaks

Some races are meant to be, some others aren't, this one follows the later. But for a while, it was the former.

On a beautiful fall day in Oakland County it's around 10:00AM and Brent shouts out through the loud speakers for all the teams to take off! Then one minnow later, the lets all of us solo racers go! For the next 12 hours this will be my mode of operation, in the saddle grinding out the miles. Everything went well, I was feeling very good and putting in the laps in an unexpected fast pace. I was pretty sure I had the Single Speed Series Championship locked up, so I was experimenting on my game plan by going out faster than normal and see where I would blow up.

Everything was going to plan after a stop in the pits for a little solid food and a break off the saddle. When I got back on and headed up the Water Tower Climb, my chest tightened up and I started coughing...asthma. Sometimes it will subside if I ease back, so after cresting the climb, I slow down and ease up my effort. After riding like this and still coughing I slow down even more and come to a stop and do my inhaler. I wait a few moments and get back on and start pedaling.

As I keep going my coughing will not stop and that is not a good sign. So I am barely rolling and taking it very easy on all the climbs...if that's possible on a single speed. I decide to stop after this lap is complete and take a major break, do my other inhalers that help control the asthma symptoms and see if this will work. After about an hour of non-stop coughing I decide to call it a day and have to drop out with 11 laps in 6 hours and some change and kick back, cough, relax and hang with my buddies who are doing some team racing.

I have to thank the Kreger family, they are the best support anyone can ask for, they feed me and take care of me like I'm their own.

It was a good day, despite not being able to finish.

Ride safe.