Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Chilly End of March Ride

Let's see, spring has officiallly arrived, the robins are singing and have been so for a week or two, and the bicycle race season has officially been kicked off...so why is it still 32 degrees out for a high temperture? Who knows.

Any who, I went out for an easy recovery ride...a day late, I should have went yesterday. But it was not meant to be. I have a lot of little, middle size and large loops I can do on gravel roads around the hood. Today I wanted to go for about an hour and 15-30 minnows.

I put the fenders on and was ready to combat any conditions the roads may dish out. I've never had fenders before so it's kind of nice not to have a trashed bike. The conditions ranged from ice...dirty ice, to some soft light mud. All rideable and all good.

My ride time was 1:13, 17 miles, average speed 13.8 mph, max speed 21.4 mph, average heart rate 136 bpm, max heart rate 164 bpm, climbed 570 feet and burned 885 calories. So, with those stats, my ride plan was accomplished, nice and easy...with a few harder efforts up the hills.

A good ride, but I really wanna get rid of the winter tights! =;)

Go Ride!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Barry Roubaix 2011

Otay, I love this race, I love the course. It mimic's a lot of how I train, back roads on my single speed cross bike. And most of my early season miles is on the fixie...so this race is nothing new, my body is use to this type of race.

What I wasn't use to was the gear ratio that I selected. I've been running a 38x17 the past two months. Last year I had a 39 tooth chain ring along with some different cranks, so I assumed I used a 39x16. So I decided to switch from a 17 tooth to a 16 tooth and I thought I would be okay.

I was in Wave 3 with all the people over 40, single speeders and fixed geared racers. There were a ton of fast cats, so the roll out was fast and I could see the lead group pull away, which is no big deal so the panic button wasn't hit just yet. The pavement treated me well with my gear selection...I was rolling along, spinning at about 110 rpm's while working a little on the climbs. I was happy. Then we hit the dirt and a few climbs. In traffic, with a long line of cyclists in front of you, it's hard...no, impossible to ride the single speed style which is gain some momentum before the climb, so I was working real hard near the top of the climb. After a couple of these, I was unable to recover as I would have to keep pedaling down the other. With this said, I didn't even bother hitting the panic button, I threw the whole thing away. I knew my day was done and it was confirmed when people that I am always in front of starting passing me.

With each proceeding climb, I was digging deeper and spending more money than my account had. I decided not to worry about the race and my standing as I did have some big plans. I stilled raced when I could, but with this gear ratio, I lost way to much time on the climbs.

I ended up finishing in 2:26, a whopping 18 minnows slower than last year! I never cramped, just couldn't turn the cranks like I wanted too. I have a good baseline of where my fitness is at and let's just say...I'll be riding more real soon...just don't run me over on the pavement...

Go ride!

Monday, March 21, 2011

24 Hour Spin-a-thon for Waterford Coalition for Youth

24 Hours of fun, hanging out with all my cycling peeps and more importantly raising funds for the Waterford Coalition for Youth (WCFY). This organization helps promote a safe and healthy way of life for the youth in Waterford, Michigan, which is the same city my favorite bike shop, Cycletherapy resides in.

Our goal was to have at least two riders riding at the same time. A few times throughout the 24 hours, we would have up to 5 or 6 riders at one time. My time was from 2:00 to 4:00 PM on Saturday afternoon and then from 10:00 PM to midnight Saturday. I ended up going to 5:00 PM on my first shift as there was a misunderstanding in our time assignements and there was no one to ride. I didn't mind, it was good to be one the bike.

After my first shift I got a massage for a donation which went to the WCFY. It was a good choice as my legs were fresh for my later stint. I hung out for a while and chatted bike nerd stuff with other bike nerds. Families were there and a lot going on.

As 10:00 PM neared I got into a fresh kit and set my bike back up on my rollers...which were borrowed by others throughout the day, so setting up was just throwing my bike back on. As I got back on the bike, it was apparent the bee-hind would be a little sore, but not too bad. We popped in a new movie and the two hours went by fast. Just before my 2nd shift ended, others were setting up for their midnight shift...three riders, pretty good for a midnight gig.

Overall I was on my bike for 5 hours. It went by very fast. Lots of funds were raised for the WCFY and Ernie had a great sales day! So overall, it was a huge success. Thanks Ernie and to all those who pedaled!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Muddy Back Road Ride

Did a nice little ride tonight, nothing to long as I did a "Power Pump" workout at work today during lunch. You may ask yourself what's a Power Pump class? Well, it's kind of like a P90X routine, non stop fun. So tonight was just a spin on some back roads, just me and the mud. I have a read fender on and it kept me pretty clean on the back side. With a skinny cross tire on the cross bike...FIXED gear of course, the wearing of mud was kept to a minimum.

I managed 17.3 miles, 1:15 ride time, avg speed 13.8 mph, max speed 22.0 mph, avg heart rate 141, max heart rate 177 bpm, total feet climbed 515, total calories burned 815.

I'm somewhere around 400 miles this year...yippee!!!

The NUE Journey begins.

I signed up for the Cohutta 100 in Ducktown, Tennesee. I Can't wait, I love this part of the country. I have friends not to far from there and will make this a mini vacation...Question: What's a vacation without the bike, some pain and a little work? Answer: Not a real vacation. (Just kidding.)